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Our Approach

The Hub City Outreach Center's Team is comprised of compassionate individuals that each come from diverse backgrounds and vast areas of expertise. Our organization applies a holistic approach on prevention and treatment, striving to make this world a better place. We treat everyone equally while respecting the unique qualities they possess. Together we aim to help youth understand their own personal value, and guide them towards a bright future.

Our Story

Our team has a strong desire in our hearts to reach out to at-risk youth with support, encouragement, prevention education, community resources and most of all, showing them the unconditional love they deserve. HCOC is an organization that grew from the compassion that a few Prevention Educators possessed for our youth in the community. This organization has the desire to provide programs that will help shape the youth into the world changers that we know they can be. We have experience with providing prevention services that is focused on setting personal goals for our youth and instructing them on the real dangers of substance misuse. Hub City Outreach Center’s holistic approach allows our prevention team and volunteers to work towards meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our youth. Our staff believes, through prevention education that we can help to empower our students on their road to success.

The photo to the right is the original team that worked endlessly to ensure there were Prevention Services in Lubbock. Since then, the team has grown almost twice it's size in compassionate, intelligent and hardworking people.
Thank you for all of your support, we enjoy having YOU on this journey with us.

Founded in 2018

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Vision: With A Dose of Education, Your Dreams Can Become Reality.
Mission: Empowerment Through Prevention Education 
Guiding Principal: To provide services to help youth develop the capacities to achieve social, behavioral, and mental health and wellness. 


Meet the Team

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Megan Estrada BA, CHW, APS

Director & President

Jacqueline Delgado CHW, ACPS, ICPS

Vice President &
Senior Specialist

Meagan Lasitter CHW, CNA

Laugh Producer

Jonathan Edwards LPC-Intern, MEd., CPS

YP Program Director

Adam Barrera CHW

Outreach Engagement Officer &
YP Program Coordinator

Linda Arroyos, CHW

YPI Prevention Specialist

Brooklyn Shoels

YPI Prevention Specialist

Emily Espinoza

YPI Prevention Specialist

Cindy Garza M.Sc.

YPS Prevention Specialist

Molly Propst

YPS Prevention Specialist

Lacy Chappell

YPS Prevention Specialist

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