Environmental health is an important part of our community's quality of life. The areas that we hope improve with this program are: outdoor air quality; surface and ground water quality; toxic substances and hazardous wastes; homes and communities; infrastructure and surveillance; and global environmental health!

Still not convinced?

  • Texas is growing by leaps and bounds, and the surging population means more cars on our roadways and, unfortunately, more trash.
  • Although nearly 90 percent of litter on Texas highways is removed by paid contractors...
    volunteer efforts significantly reduce litter cleanup costs and save taxpayers money.
  • It's a free, easy way for groups to help beautify their communities.
  • Motorists respond!!! Seeing volunteers at work resonates with would-be offenders.

A short safety video will be required prior to volunteering with us!
We provide the bags, reflective vests.
Gloves, closed toed shoes also required.

Sign up below and we will let you know when clean up days are.

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Safety Tips
Safety Pocket Card
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