Holiday seasons aren't always happy or stress-free.

When possible, we provide a chance for the community to donate meals to families who could use a hand during the holidays. Family dynamics are changing more than they ever have before. We understand the lengths we go to to make sure our children, family and ourselves are fed.

Let us help.

Each year we strive to feed more families than we did the year before.
In 2019, we fed 4 families.
In 2020, we fed 19 families.
In 2021, we fed 20 families.
In 2022 we fed 22 families!
Our goal for 2023 is to reach 25 families!

Meals usually include: cooked turkey/ham, two sides, bread/rolls, a dessert and beverages. In addition to paper towels and a trash bag. 

If you would like to be a recipient of one of our Holiday Meals,
please find your support system and have them nominate you below.

Family Meal Nominations for 2023 is OPEN.

We need your help! Click me to donate to feed a family!