Addiction impacts all communities, regardless of race or ethnicity.
There is no socioeconomic barriers to addiction.

It happens.

Together, we can prevent it!

These two programs are made available by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission,
Under the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Prevention Programming:
Youth Prevention Indicated (YPI) & Youth Prevention Selective (YPS)

The Health and Human Services Commission estimates
1.6 million Texas adults and 162,000 Texas youth have a SUD.

Both YPI and YPS Programs implement services that promote a proactive process to address health and wellness for youth, families, and communities by enhancing protective factors that increase knowledge, skills, and attitudes for making healthy choices. Our groups aren't for your bad students or your leader students...
Our groups are for all students.

(YPI) Indicated prevention strategies target individuals due to initiative behaviors and/or related risk factors that place the individual at an elevated risk for substance use and misuse. The goal of YPI is to provide individualized services related to substance use and misuse that address specific risk conditions.

(YPS) Selective prevention strategies target subgroups known to be at higher risk for substance use and misuse than the general population. The goal of YPS is to provide selective prevention services that include strategies delivered to subgroups of the general population determined to be at risk for substance use and misuse.

Texas has four youth prevention priorities. We address at least one in each session:
1. underage alcohol use
2. tobacco and nicotine products
3. marijuana and other cannabinoids use
4. prescription drug misuse
[We DO address Other Drugs, upon request or based on an annual CNA.]

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction impacts all communities, regardless of race or ethnicity.
The rates of addiction are remarkably similar across cultural divides.

Our Prevention Staff follow the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and strengthen prevention efforts and strategies for coordination across multiple levels of impact following the Social Ecological Model.

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