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Our Community Transformation Events are also known as 'Community Mobilization Events' because we strive to increase the amount of positive, safe and fun activities and events that happen in our beautiful West Texas city! Lubbock, Texas has amazing citizens and neighbors. Let's come together and enjoy the time we have together.

We have multiple annual events for youth, families and the community. Unless otherwise noted, our events are open to the public. All of our events are free to attend. We do accept donations at the door.

Check out all our events:

Summer Bash

These community resource events are open to the pubic to play games, enjoy food, win prizes, obtain necessary resources and spend time with family, friends and neighbors.

Summer Camps

These community events are held throughout West Texas. Students come to play games, learn leadership skills, enjoy food, win prizes and spend time with friends and family.


These interactive, educational events are for students to enjoy the lat bit of summer by playing games, using skills and obtaining free school supplies, while supplies last.

Red Ribbon Week

These interactive, educational events are for students to gain awareness on drugs and alcohol, learn skills, play games, win prizes and ultimately, realize they don't need drugs or alcohol to have fun with their friends.


These exciting events allow families to enjoy a safe Halloween away from potential dangers. Community partners host booths with games, activities and of course, treats! Kids enjoy music, fun and win prizes!

Clothing Closet

We host multiple Clothing Closet Clean Out events each year. Usually, our Clothing Closet is available appointment only. For these events, we allow people under 18 to by-pass the appt. and obtain whatever items they need.

Lubbock Impact

A special place in our hearts goes out to Lubbock Impact for believing in us when HCOC first started. Volunteer with us at Lubbock Impact Events.


We participate in TXDOT's Adopt-A-Highway Program for our Environmental Initiative. Our physical environment is so important for perspective, experiences, health, wellbeing and our crops and farmlands!

Past Events

See everything we do in Lubbock and West Texas. We love our community and are excited to bring activities, events and more to you!



See everything we do in Lubbock and West Texas. We love our community and are excited to bring activities, events and more to you!

Beyond The Basics

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of our everyday workplace shenanigans. We are real people who have real lives, too. The work we do on-and-off the clock matters. We support each other like family. Here, you'll find the good, the bad and the ugly.




These events don't run themselves! We are all-hands-on-deck and all-boots-on-the-ground. Want to have fun and make an impact in our community?
Sign up to volunteer at any of our events!

From start to finish, we need energized, social butterflies to host games, initiate activities, monitor for safety and be a helping hand with logistics.
Bring your friends, family, kids and neighbors!
Youth may volunteer with adult supervision.