This is our oldest neighbor-to-neighbor program.

Hub City Outreach Center understands that each family may celebrate different holidays in December; please keep this in mind when considering supporting and fulfilling the need for this unbiased program.

We partner with various low-income housing authorities to assist families in need with alleviating holiday stress due to some families inability to provide more than basic necessities. This is a heartwarming event that takes place in the cold of West Texas winters!!


How it works:

1. Each child completes a Wish-Interest Worksheet
2. Sponsors (aka YOU!) purchase items on their wish list or things that tailor to their interests. Please spend between $50-70 per child!
3. Gifts must be in a BAG! Please no wrapped boxes.
4. Delivered to HCOC office by 12/17
4. Our Team will drop gifts off to our site representative and she will deliver the gifts to the respective residents!


We recommend allotting $50.00-$70.00 per child when obtaining gifts. We will contact you to complete this process. After the Sponsor Request is complete, we will provide a brief information sheet on the child's interests and other necessary information. Gifts due 12/17. Gift bags only- no wrapped boxes!

If you would like to purchase toys for a child or for siblings, please complete the form below:





We do not take nominations for groups to sponsor.
However, if you run a program that services families who could benefit from this program, please email us.