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A call to those who want to make a difference...

Hub City Outreach Center is now accepting requests to come to your school/site for Fall 2020 AND Spring 2021!

We always work around your schedule.
HCOC is able to come to your site and provide prevention education for 5, 6, 10 or 12 sessions. We also can do single or series presentations if you need supplemental education on a particular topic!

We will work around your schedule, holidays and conflicts, no need to stress.

More information about HCOC's Services. 

Check out the FAQ for additional information.

Let's do it! I'm ready to get the show on the road!

**DISCLAIMER: We hold the right to immediately terminate services or refuse providing services with any entity that does not abide by laws pertaining to youth under the age of 18 and/or other critical laws.**




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New News...



Annual Winter Coat Drive

Each year we host a winter coat drive from mid-September to mid-January. During this time we focus our donation requests on winter-wear for our youth. Our youth clothing closet is available year-round, by appointment. During covid, we are accepting requests and will gather items for the families, instead of having families come to our site- unless otherwise approved. Our rough 2020 Coat Drive numbers were: 30 coats from Pecan Ridge; 14 blankets from community member, countless winter wear from Hispanic Association of Women; 68 jackets, gloves, beanies from Monterrey High School; 100 coats from Crunch Fitness and an abundance of coats from Aldersgate Church + many more from other amazing community members. Thank you all so so much for making an impact in our youth's lives! Every donation counts!!!


Prescription Drug Misuse & Overdose Prevention Efforts


Molly, YPS and Emily, YPI have taken charge of community outreach and were able to distribute about 1,841 Deterra Pouches prior to Winter Break!

Deterra Pouches are the eco-safe and our recommended way to get rid of your unused prescription medication. Its easy as 1-2-3.

1. Open pouch, add medication
2. Add water, seal shut
3. Throw away!

Deterra pouches unsure prescription medication doesn't get into the wrong hands. They also ensure our environment stays safe! We don't want to ruin our precious drinking water or soil! If you want some pouches, let us know! 

Thank you Molly and Emily for going above and beyond to ensure our community stays safe!!!



We took our 2020, put it in a spinach wrap and served it right to you!
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