Our Adopt-A-Student is the Pay-It-Forward side
of our Education Assistance Program.

Hub City Outreach Center considers School Supplies as a basic need item for youth, regardless of their current method of learning (virtual vs. in-person, etc.)

We are able to pack a new backpack with new age-appropriate school supplies for just $23.00 per child/backpack! (That's less than 5 coffees from Starbucks...) This program gives students the tools they need to succeed for an entire academic year!

Please consider donating to this cause. Knowledge is the key to life.

Ways to donate:
+ Text: "GIVE2EDU" to 44-321 to donate.
+ Online: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/hub-city-outreach-center/adopt-a-student-program
+ In-Person: We are always accepting School Supplies too! Drop them off at our office!

Every donation we accept is tax-deductable!

If your student is needing school supplies or hygiene items, click here to submit a form for assistance.