Hub City Outreach Center has a few opportunities for you to give back to your community. The following programs are created to allow neighbors to help neighbors who are in need of basic need items.
It's our way to foster paying-it-forward!
We began giving school supplies to students because they need the tools to grow and excel. We began to provide food vouchers and also meals during the holidays because families should be able to spend quality time together. We began providing gifts for children in order to foster developmental growth in young children.
Please read more about each program below:


Hub City Outreach Center considers School Supplies as a basic need item for youth, regardless of their current method of learning. We are able to pack a new backpack with new age-appropriate school supplies for just $23.00 per child/backpack! This program will give students the tools they need to succeed for one entire school year!
We are always accepting School Supply donations too!
If your student is needing school supplies or hygiene items, click here.


Hub City Outreach Center provides full Thanksgiving meals to families in need, when possible.
Each year we strive to feed more families than we did the year before.
Our goal for 2020 is 10 families.
In 2019, we fed 4 families.
The dinner includes:Cooked Turkey/Ham,Two Sides,Bread/Rolls,Dessert,Beverages.
On average, it takes about ~$47.00 to feed a family of at least 4.
* Meals are subject to change based on the family's dietary needs/recommendations.

ABOVE: A photo of the team that delivered Thanksgiving meals to 4 families in 2019.

If you would like to nominate a family for a free thanksgiving meal, click here.


This is our oldest "neighbor-to-neighbor program."
In 2018 we sponsored 30 children.
In 2019, we did not run this program because we did not have the capacity (we moved into a new building.)
In 2020, we have 30 sponsorships available!
Hub City Outreach Center understands that each family may celebrate different holidays in December; please keep this in mind when considering supporting and fulfilling the need for this unbiased program. We partner with various low-income housing authorities to assist families in need with alleviating holiday stress due to some families inability to provide more than basic necessities. We recommend allotting $50.00-$70.00 per child when obtaining gifts. We will provide a brief information sheet on the child's interests and other necessary information.


We began our partnership with the South Plains Food Bank because no child or family should go hungry, ever. This program gives the opportunity for people to "buy" a food voucher for another family. Food Vouchers unit price is about $12.00 per voucher/family.