7 Reasons To Fund Prevention In West Texas:

1. The Health and Human Services Commission estimates 1.6 million 4 Texas adults
and 162,000 Texas youth have a Substance Use Disorder.

2. At least 25% of the US has a 1st degree family member with Substance Use Disorder,
of which 90% live with a person in active addiction.

3. People of any age, gender, or economic status can become addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Certain factors can increase the likelihood and speed of developing SUD: family history, mental health conditions, peer pressure, adverse childhood experiences, and use at an early age.

4. More than 90% of adults with SUD started using before age 18; half of them before age 15.
(Human brains continue to develop until age 25, making the delay of first use so important.)

5. Only 10.2% of Texas schools (742 of 7,260) are able to access SUD prevention programs.

6. We are the ONLY YP Prevention Services in West Texas.

7. Our services and programs are 100% FREE.


Each contribution assists our Prevention Specialists in providing more
exciting, interactive and impactful sessions, presentations, activities and events! 

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