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What We Do

Here at Hub City Outreach Center, we provide prevention services to help individuals develop the skills to achieve social, behavioral, and mental health and wellness. Prevention Services range from education programs to help our youth set and achieve goals, presentations to educate groups on a non-schedule/semi-schedule basis, events that foster positive social interaction and community involvement and referrals. Below, you can read more about our services.

Currently, HCOC is using two prevention education curriculums. The programs we are using are Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG) Youth Connection and Positive Action. Each of the prevention programs will be conducted in a group setting. The group sizes are typically between 10-12 participants, with 1-2 facilitators. In a small group setting the youth are provided with a great level of attention and the care needed for them to succeed both in and outside of the class/group. Even in our groups with adults, we typically come out with 2 facilitators.

A few examples of sites we can provide services in are:
Mental health organizations, Primary care, Community sites, Youth serving organizations, Suicide prevention organizations, Behavioral health treatment and recovery centers, Tobacco control focused organizations,  School safety and health organizations,  Highway safety groups, Injury prevention centers, Violence prevention organizations, Recovery community sites,  Reproductive, maternal and child health organizations,  HIV/AIDS prevention organizations, Substance abuse treatment centers, Education of all types- schools, alt. schools, adult learning sites, Corrections, ect.

If your specific organization does not fall into any of the above categories, that is ok! Contact us and we can converse to see what assistance we can be!

Curriculum-Based Support Group

Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG) program purpose: To provide children and youth who have had, or are at risk for having adverse experiences with the skills and support they need to rise above adversity, stay in school, and stay free of drugs, violence and crime.

For more information from Rainbow Days Inc. click here.
For more information on Adverse Childhood Experiences, click here.

Positive Action

Positive Action is an curriculum that is systematically designed to teach youth positive thought loops through 15-minute interactive CBT sessions. We have a variety of Positive Action Kits. Read More below for more information.
For more information from Positive Action®, click here.

Referral Only/ Small Groups

We can work with your small groups!
If you work with clients/participants/consumers/students who you would like to refer to receive Prevention Education in a small exclusive group, let us know. Together, we can assess the needs of your group and coordinate something perfect. We are able to meet on-site where you provide your services to your selected population. We are also able to host groups at our main location. If you are looking for a referral, please click here. 


Youth Connection


Positive Action®

Looking for somewhere to refer your clients/consumers/participants/students?
Visit our Referral page to get in touch with us!

Wanting to educate a large group on a topic relating to social skills, behavioral health related, mental health related, alcohol, tobacco, other drugs or any other related topic? Contact us! We would love to talk to your youth or adults about these essential topics! 

It's Simple...

With the curriculums that we are currently implementing in our community, our goal is a simple one, and that is to provide the youth of West Texas with the tools for success.

Left and right hemisphere of human brain

Want Prevention Education At Your Site?

Do you teach Health, Wellness, P.E, Entrepreneurial Skills, Vocational Skills, Family and Consumer Sciences or other Electives at your school/site?
We can help youth identify current and future issues they may experience, dig deep into healthy and productive ways to cope and conquer those issues and give them tools for success.
When you are ready...

I just don't know...

That's ok! Our services are not as common as they should be!
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have additional questions or just want to see if it could be a possibility, contact us! 

Education Assistance

We provide Education Assistance in the form of tutoring and age-appropriate school supplies. The easiest way to get school supplies from us is to attend our Annual Back-to-School Events! For more information, click here or select Education Assistance in the Services menu bar.

Food Voucher Request

Hub City Outreach Center wants no youth or their families to be hungry. We partnered with the South Plains Food Bank to be able to provide Food Vouchers on our behalf. If you are in need of a voucher, please click here.

Adopt-A-Neighbor Programs

Have you ever heard of it?
Here are Hub City Outreach Center, we believe there are a few ways that our neighbors can pay-it-forward!

  1. Adopt-A-Student:
    We began giving school supplies to students because they need the tools to grow and excel. This program can give a student an entire year supply of age-appropriate school supplies for about $23.00 per backpack/student.
  2. Adopt-A-Family:
    We began to provide meals during the holidays because families should be able to spend quality time together. This program provides meals to nominated families during the Thanksgiving holiday. We are able to provide families a full meal for about $47.00 per meal/family.
  3. Adopt-A-Child:
    We began providing gifts for children in order to foster developmental growth in young children. This program gives at-risk children toys during the December holidays. [We try to stay between the $50.00 - $70.00 range per child.]
  4. Adopt-A-Voucher:
    We began our partnership with the South Plains Food Bank because no child or family should go hungry, ever. This program gives the opportunity for people to "buy" a food voucher for another family. Food Vouchers unit price is about $12.00 per voucher/family.

Volunteer Opportunities


Every service, every time, always free.
Hub City Outreach Center runs 100% on donations and grants.
We accept all kinds of donations, not just monetary.
By supporting any of our services outlined above, your contribution will help children, youth and adults of West Texas.

*If there is a community need, we will do what we can to fill the need or support ant causes that may arise. If interested, check out what we put together to support Lubbock during the Coronavirus Pandemic.*