Hello, my name is Nathaniel Brown. I am a born and raised Texan and I have now lived in Lubbock for over 15 years collectively. It’s where I met my wife and where we are now raising our kids. I studied at South Plains College and have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Lubbock Christian University and plan on obtaining my Master’s in counseling. I was able to intern at Lubbock Impact while at LCU, widening my outreach experiences even further. Ministry with the local churches and nonprofits has always been a key aspect of my life, I have served in several Youth ministries over the years as well as taught and preached in churches and ministry schools both locally and internationally. I have also tutored, worked as a substitute teacher, and a test proctor.

I grew up with a big imagination. I was fascinated by tales of the extraordinary and heroism. I loved sharing these stories with others and forming bonds over the meanings we collectively found in them. I also loved finding the fun in our surroundings. As an adolescent, growing relationships and learning new things seemed to happen much more naturally when a game was started, or better yet, created. Fast forward to today and I still love and use stories and games and I have become a big proponent of how they improve our lives no matter our age.

I have a passion to help youth (and all ages really) realize their potential. I am excited to be here at Hub City Outreach Center, so that I can hopefully make working toward that potential a much more fun and engaging process. Just as importantly, I hope to share, as well as listen to, many life changing stories.