Relief is here! This is the scoop:

  1. Hug yourself and remind yourself you're doing your best with the current situation!
  2. Fill out AND submit our brief Application (below) about your family's immediate needs (Part 1).
  3. We will reach out to you for a few follow-up/clarification questions (Part 2).
  4. You must engage in Part 1 AND Part 2 to be eligible for your relief items.
    Please do not continue to complete this form if you will refuse to answer the phone when we call to provide assistance. We will attempt 3x and then discard your assistance request. We're real-life working humans- please do not waste our time!
  5. ALL Recipients of items/funds, as it relates to this project, will affirm acknowledgment that Hub City Outreach Center absolves itself from all liability with regards to receiving items/funds and contracting Covid-19.
    But please keep in mind that your health and safety is our #1 priority (as well as our staff's health and safety.)
  6. Are you a Case Manager filling this out on behalf of your clients?
    If yes, please indicate your name, phone number, what organization you work for and your license number in the "Additional Information" section.
  7. IF your Application is approved, PLEASE respect our delivery staff and practice social distancing. 
  8. At this time, assistance is for Lubbock Co. residents only who have been directly affected by covid and are required to quarantine.

    Some hygiene bags may vary based on inventory and fund availability. 




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