What We Do

Here at Hub City Outreach Center, we provide prevention education programs to help our youth set and achieve goals. We achieve that goal, by implementing evidenced based programs, that are proven to be effective with today’s youth.

Currently, HCOC is using three prevention education curriculums. The programs we are using are Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG) Youth Connection, CBSG Faith Connection and Positive Action.

Each of the prevention programs will be conducted in a group setting. The class sizes are typically between 10-12 students, with 1-2 facilitators. In a small group setting the youth are provided with a great level of attention and the care needed for them to succeed both in and outside of the class.

Curriculum-Based Support Group

Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG) program purpose: To provide children and youth who have had, or are at risk for having adverse experiences with the skills and support they need to rise above adversity, stay in school, and stay free of drugs, violence and crime.

For more information from Rainbow Days Inc. click here.

Positive Action

Positive Action is an curriculum that is systematically designed to teach youth positive thought loops through 15-minute interactive CBT sessions. We have a variety of Positive Action Kits. Read More below for more information.
For more information from Positive Action®, click here.

Referral Only  Groups

We can work with your small groups!
If you work with clients/participants/consumers/students who you would like to refer to receive Prevention Education in a small exclusive group, let us know. Together, we can assess the needs of your group and coordinate something perfect.

Youth Connection

Positive Action®

Looking for somewhere to refer your clients/consumers/participants/students?
Visit our Referral page to get in touch with us!

Wanting to educate a large group on a topic relating to alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, mental health or any other related topic? Contact us! We would love to talk to your youth or adults about Prevention! 

It's Simple...

With the curriculums that we are currently implementing in our community, our goal is a simple one, and that is to provide the youth of West Texas with the tools for success.

Want Prevention Education At Your Site?

Do you teach Health, Wellness, P.E, Entrepreneurial Skills, Vocational Skills, Family and Consumer Sciences or other Electives at your school/site?
We can help youth identify current and future issues they may experience, dig deep into healthy and productive ways to cope and conquer those issues and give them tools for success.
When you are ready...

Volunteer Opportunities


Every service, every time, always free.
Hub City Outreach Center runs 100% on donations and grants.
We accept all kinds of donations, not just monetary.
Your contribution will help children, youth and adults of West Texas.