Welcome to Hub City Outreach Center's
Third Annual Back-to-School Bash!!

Clearly, this year is a little different! 

Our Virtual Scavenger Hunt will still give you the experience of learning about local resources available to you while exercising your brain and having fun with those you love!
This event is open to the public from August 3rd until August 10th.
You MUST pick up your items, we will not deliver. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
You may pick up your items August 10th-14th from our office.


In this Scavenger Hunt you will solve the puzzle to find a clue. Once you uncover the clue, explore to find it hidden throughout the Hub City Outreach Center website. Once you find the hidden clue, click on it to discover the Vendor! Write down the Clue and the Vendor to be able to decode the final message and win your treasure!
If you want to print a Scavenger Hunt Form, click here!


1. Adult chaperone
2. Your brain!
3. Pen/Pencil
4. Paper to write your answers on
(we provided a form you can print or screenshot to edit)


Search. Complete Activity. Decode clues.


1. Solve the puzzle → obtain and document the clue.
2. Find the clue → discover and document the vendor.
3. Once you find all the Vendors, you can decode the final message!

Q: apple - ape + ant = ______
Clue: plant.
Find the hidden plant to uncover the vendor!

If you want to print a Scavenger Hunt Form, click here!

Good Luck!