We are excited to share that we have been trained in the Positive Action curriculum!

Positive Action uses CBT in it's abundance of 15-minute lessons. Each kit is tailored to a specific grade. Hub City Outreach Center has: 6th Grade Kit, 8th Grade Kit, Secondary Drug, High School Kit, Community Kit, Counselor's Kit, a few Refresher Kits + Alternative Activities.

Each Kit is systematically designed. The Kits are consistent in Units, however tailored to age.

The following outline is provided from: positiveaction.net/overview/design

Unit 1 – Self-Concept

The program starts with helping students identify themselves and understand their Self-Concept.

Unit 2 – Positive actions for your body and mind

As students learn to identify their Self-Concept, the program introduces the positive actions for the body and the mind. The lessons are reinforced with activities and materials included in the Kit.

Unit 3 – Managing yourself responsibly

Positive actions also include behaviors and habits that contribute to a positive life. Students will learn how to identify their skills and effectively manage their time and resources.

Unit 4 – Treating others the way you like to be treated

The program shifts from introspection to social interactions. This series of lessons reinforces positive social skills and key concepts through puzzles, posters and role-playing.

Unit 5 – Telling yourself the truth

Students will learn that being honest with yourself is one of the most important positive actions. Lessons in self-honesty help students identify the areas they would like to improve.

Unit 6 – Improving Yourself Continually

With the skills developed in Units 1 – 5, students learn that improving yourself is a continual process. Students learn how to apply Positive Action in all areas of their life.


If you want Positive Action at your school/site, contact us, we would love to empower your youth!! 🙂