We're excited YOU are here.


Below you will find various opportunities for you and/or your group to help out the Lubbock Community! If you would like to collaborate or if you have any questions, email us!

→ Upcoming Events:

October 31st, we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Halloween Bash! We are looking for volunteers to help run booths/games/activities/serve snacks.

We are looking for vendors, if your organization is looking for a group activity. Additional information can be found on our homepage.

→ Looking for something weekly?

Catch us at Lubbock Impact every Wednesday from 6:00pm-7:30pm.
We hold weekly Sessions at Lubbock Impact for the youth who have adults participating in Gilbert's Service & Poppy's class.
- Volunteering with us would allow you to rotate with our
Youth ages 5-9 or Adolescents ages 10-18 through the various activities of the evening.
- You may be participating in art, music, science experiments and/or session.
Every. Wednesday.

Contact us!


→ Looking to make an impact but don't have the time?

  • Each month, with the help of the community, we are able to give the Family of the Month a Blessing Box.  Families are nominated by the community and selected by HCOC staff. For more information, go to our Newsletters page.
    - We offer 1 volunteer hour in return for $15.00 worth of items. You can find the items we request hereThe items we request will change each month for the different families we feature.
  • Another resource we provide to our youth is a clothes closet.
    - We offer 1 volunteer hour in return for 4 items donated to our youth closet. Items can be clothes, accessories (socks, unders, scarves, hats, etc.), shoes, linens and school supplies.


More opportunities coming soon...