Hub City Outreach Center lives to serve. With the help of our community, we are able to give one family a Blessing Box each month. Blessing Boxes contain donated items, which give families a chance to spend time together and bond, that foster mental and personal growth, and ultimately bring happiness.

Families are nominated by the community and selected by HCOC staff. We look to honor the families that are perfectly imperfect. Well what's that mean? Families that grow through hardships together, give back to the community in any way they can, encourage each other to be the best person they can be, allows each person to grow individually and, at the end of the day, are there for each other.

If you would like to nominate a family that is deserving of a Blessing Box, please email us your submissions and any questions you may have.

If you would like to donate, items can be at 2707 34th St. Please indicate ‘for HCOC’. Items may possibly be picked up- call Jacqueline – 832.226.2995 to see if this can be arranged.

** Students: we offer 1 volunteer hour in return for $15.00 worth of items.**

You can find the items we request HERE.

The items we request will change each month for the different families we feature, so please check back.

November's Family of the Month: The Carlile Family

Our wonderful Family of the Month for November is the Carlile Family! Kathy (Grandma), and Judith who is 8 years old. The Carlile family is a very humble and small family that has a heart of gold to help other people that need help themselves. When the Carlile family is not giving back and helping others they like to spend time together. The Carlile family like to watch positive Christian movies that hold a good moral message for the family. Judith does not have any siblings but she has a best friend that she calls sister who is also 8. Judith loves to play soccer and basketball and loves the color turquoise blue. They love French fries and playing with Barbies. The Carlile family may be small but they play big! Some of their favorite foods to eat together are pancakes yum! And going to Chinese buffets! One of the best memories for this family are going to East, TX and spending time with family. Fun activities this family loves to do together are creating projects with arts and crafts and we are proud to showcase them this month, way to go Edward family!

September's Family of the Month: The Edwards Family

Our wonderful Family of the Month for September is the Edwards Family! Kayla (mom), has have four wonderful kids together and all four of them are HCOC kids! Destany is the oldest and her younger siblings are Adikas., Giovanni and Journey. One of the best memories this family shares together is when they moved into their first house together! The Edwards family is a tight knit group that makes it a purpose to eat together every night, and when they can they like to go to Golden Corral. The Edwards family like to watch movies together especially Frozen, Wreck it Ralph and Ella Enchanted to name a few. A few other things this family like to do is make up their own games and laughing and playing hide and go seek at home. When the Edwards family is not watching movies together, playing games or enjoying a meal together they take time out of their busy schedule to donate unwanted items and needed clothes to others in need. This family eats together, plays together and volunteers together and we are proud to showcase them this month, way to go Edward family!

We do not do Family of the Month during summer months at this time.

May's Family of the Month: The Marritt/Vasquez Family

Our wonderful Family of the Month for May is the Marritt/Vasquez Family! Theresa and Haylie are two of our most active participants in HCOC as well as Poppy’s Unpack. Even though Haylie is always hiding and trying to scare someone, they say Uncle Mikey is the funniest in the family because he is always playing around and telling funny jokes. This family eats together about 5-6 times a week and, their favorite meal to cook together is BBQ, because they get to make all the sides from scratch! (YUM!) Some of their favorite memories are from going to Schlitterbahn Water Park in Galveston, TX and Grandma got stuck in the lazy river!!! Going swimming, roadtrips and watching movies are some of their favorite things to do together. Theresa and Haylie like to help by serving the homeless at Grace Campus. They help the familys by providing clothes for kids. They also like to help the elderly by going to their homes and praying with them. We are thankful to see this family every week. The empowerment they instill in each other daily is powerful and we are thankful to have them in our programs!

April's Family of the Month: The Briggs Family

Courtnie, Gary and Alexa Briggs are this month’s Family of the Month! Courtnie and Gary show up and fully participate in our group and Ms. Poppy’s group with giant smiles and radiating positivity. Sweet Alexa has volunteered with us in the past and is such a joy to be around. Alexa attends Evans JH and plays basketball there! Gary excels when he is in Art and asks great questions when doing science experiments with BioTech. Courtnie is a table leader in Unpack and is active in Jail Ministry by supporting women in the system, telling stories of hope and gives her testimony to the ladies. Courtnie says that her silly Gary is always full of jokes, so it is no surprise to us when we heard that Pie Face is their favorite game, alongside Ispy. Reading the scripture, cooking enchiladas and doing homeless ministry are some of their favorite things to do together. This family shows us how a strong family bond can lead to lasting greatness in their lives.


March's Family of the Month: The Arguelles Family

Priscilla and Daniella Arguelles have been selected as our March family of the month. Priscilla and Daniella are both hard working ladies that wholeheartedly participate in our program and Mrs. Poppy’s Unpack Ministry. Daniella has been deemed the funniest one in the family because she always tells funny stories. Priscilla told us that her and Daniella once played a prank on their friend in the car because she fell asleep!!The Arguelles’ enjoy eating together every day/night, whether that means going to Souper Salad or cooking quesadillas at home, going on vacations and screaming in the car to stay awake on long trips, attending basketball games, watching funny movies and playing ISPY together! These ladies also enjoy giving back whenever they can. They’ve helped the community through ‘The Shoebox’ at Christmas time and cared for Priscilla’s Sister as she worked to overcome losing everything from a home electrical fire. The Arguelles’ are a team and they are awesome! Priscilla is an excellent role model in many ways to her little girl, but we want to give special recognition to how she motivates Daniella to do well in school! They BOTH utilize free tutoring, as Priscilla is working towards her Teacher’s Certification! This family demonstrates how positve attitudes and actions can bring positive results in return!


February's  Family of the Month: The Haney Family

Debra, Adrian and Ariana Haney are our fabulous February family of the month! The Haney Family enjoys going to Texas Ranger’s Baseball Games. Some traditions they have are attending the opening game of the season for the Rangers. The Haney Family attends Under Construction Church and also enjoy cooking together. Adrian, the youngest, plays baseball and football. Ariana, the oldest, plays volleyball, basketball and runs track. We get to see the Haney’s on Wednesdays. They are always helpful, insightful, fun and they fully participate in our program and Poppy’s program. They remind us that when life gets tough, we are tougher!